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Welcome to Hands On Metal

We create picturesque gates and railings for homes and commercial buildings. All of our materials are carefully selected, designed, and crafted into functional beautification of your home or building.  Whether it be handrails, gates, or complex custom projects, we are ready to deliver quality and an attractive product. 

All projects are made to code and provide needed safety for porches, walkways, stairwells, yards, doorways, and custom situations. 

We also do historical re-creations of existing work that need to be replaced, and use hand forging techniques to craft stunning scrolls, twists, and other key pieces needed to get your building looking like new. If you want something different and unique, we can blacksmith that too. 

We will help you decide what works best for your application. Our goal is to make you something long lasting and of the highest quality. Getting you the right material for your project is half the battle and will be important for your investment to function the way you need it to for years to come.


If you would like a quote for your project or need guidance finding the right solution to your code compliance, we are ready to help you take the next step. Just call us at: (904) 808-5456 and we will get started. 

If you already have a project designed and you need fabrication or design enhancement, send us a file to: and we will get you a quote.  
We are located in Saint Augustine, Florida, but can deliver or install most projects within the lower 48. We also do traveling onsite work. 

If you would like guidance or  a quote for your next project, please fill out the contact form.

Hand Forged Implements
We work with Steel & Aluminum
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